Tips for buyers in Montrose


Maximizing Value in Your Real Estate Journey

Guidance for Buyers:

At Montrose-Realestate, we are more than just a real estate service; we're your partners in navigating the Montrose property landscape. Since 1988, our deep-rooted connection with the community and comprehensive market knowledge have been pivotal in matching buyers with their ideal properties. Trust us to be your guiding light in the complex world of real estate.

  • Price Range: Tailored to your budget.
  • Property Size: Homes and lot sizes in square footage or acres.
  • Layout Specifications: Number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Garage Capacity: Accommodating your vehicles and storage needs.
  • Location Preference: Urban convenience or serene country living, with or without coveted irrigation water.
  • Local Expertise: Consult with our seasoned Real Estate Brokers, deeply entrenched in the area for over 15 years – a service that comes at no cost to you.
  • MLS Access: Benefit from the comprehensive Multiple Listing Service, offering insights not available on other platforms.
  • Third-Party Platforms: Explore options on sites like Zillow, or seek advice from friends and family.
  • Community Insights: Tap into the informal knowledge network at local gathering spots.

The MLS is a treasure trove of property details, many of which aren't shared on third-party sites. For the most accurate and comprehensive property information, our realtors are your go-to resource, available at no extra cost.

  • Exclusive Listings: Our office listings offer more detailed insights than standard MLS entries. We can also provide detailed information on any property you're interested in.
  • Hidden Gems: The best deals aren't labeled as such in the MLS. Let our local Montrose experts uncover these opportunities for you.
  • Geographical Searches: Utilize our map-based search tool for targeted area exploration.
  • Price Flexibility: Consider searching 3% to 7% above your budget, as sellers often negotiate down or offer closing cost assistance.
  • Market Trends: Stay informed with our Market Trends page – essential for understanding local pricing dynamics.

Need Assistance? Reach out to us at (970) 249-4725 or if you need further guidance.


Before embarking on your property search, we advise meeting with a mortgage banker. This step will clarify your affordable price range, saving time and enhancing your position as a buyer. Mortgage bankers will assess your income-to-debt ratio, quickly pre-qualifying you for a mortgage that fits your financial capacity. To get a preliminary idea, use the Mortgage Calculator on You might be pleasantly surprised at the range of properties within your reach.