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Montrose-Real Estate can help provide you with a lifestyle you deserve.

Montrose Real Estate Founder and President, Scott Scarborough, has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, ranging form international sales to Real Estate sales and marketing. Scott and Marilyn opened Montrose-RealEstate.com with the goal of providing you the BUYER and SELLER a true customer oriented and technological advanced way of buying and selling real estate. Marilyn was instrumental in the original design and implementation of our web site, again with the key goal of making it a pleasurable and informative way to conduct real estate business. She is a fantastic wife/mother and business partner.

Marilyn and I moved to Montrose in 1988 with our 3 daughters and have lived on Spring Creek Mesa just west of Montrose since then. We now have another daughter who is in high school while the other three live and work in Denver.

This great community has given us so much and allowed us to prosper and achieve our goals it is only fair that we in return give back to the community by association with many varied community volunteer organizations.

In deciding to move to Montrose our goal was to live and work in an area where we would like to retire. What a great idea. You can really mix business with pleasure. With so many recreational opportunities along with just enjoying the beauty of this area, Montrose has met and exceeded our expectations.


Our Commitment to You…

  • TRUST - Develop a lasting trust between us and our buyers and sellers as trust is the key to any successful relationship.
  • SERVICE - Our existence in business depends on how well we provide you with what you need to reach your goals.
  • PATIENCE - We take the time to really understand what you need.
  • KNOWLEDGE - We know the Real Estate market so you can make informed decisions.
  • ETHICS - This is a non-negotiable value that has to be in place.
  • WORK - We understand that without work nothing takes place.
  • FAIRNESS - Fairness to ALL parties is a must for a successful transaction.
  • FUN - Yes a Real Estate transaction should be a very pleasurable experience and we strive to make it so.
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